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Hebei Shengbo Pump Industry Co., Ltd

Hebei Shengbo Pump Industry Co., Ltd

Factory Address: Industrial park of Baixiang County, Xingtai City.

Office Address: Industrial park of Baixiang County, Xingtai City.

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Industry application of Slurry pump

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GMZ slurry pump can be widely used in mining, electricity, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection, industrial transport abrasive slurry which containing abrasive.

Such as metallurgical concentrator pulp transport, coal-fired power plant fly ash, coal wahsery plant slime mass media transportation, river dredging. In the chemical industry, you can also transport some corrosive pulp containing crystals.

  The application concentration is about 80% for the mining industry, The raw ore condition is not good, so in this part, generally GMZ slurry pump life is low, Of course, different minerals, abrasives are not the same, in the transportation of relative grinding ore, the overall service life is long.

  Therefore, the general user in the purchasing process often requires the supplier's product lifetime, strictly speaking, any manufacturer can not give commitment of accurately use life cycle to the users. But in the early stages of selection, based on the manufacturer's strength, we can choose reasonable conditions for the design.

  China's power plants are mainly thermal power and hydropower, in thermal power plants, due to a large number of coal-fired power generation and coal gangue, or ash need to be removed, the mud pump is used to remove the ash, by mixing a certain amount of water, it is transported to the cement slurry Pump ash pile, so sometimes in the power plant GMZ slurry pump has become a gray pump. In the coal industry, due to different conditions, larger coal blocks, coal gangue easy to plug, the GMZ slurry pump design requirements are very high.


  A coal washing plant under Huaibei Mining Bureau in 2005 using a specially designed GMZ slurry pump from domestic manufacturer to instead of the original imported from Australia, so far, the operation is normal, for larger coal transport, coal gangue block, wear life is longer than imported pumps

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Hebei Shengbo Pump Industry Co., Ltd

Office Address: Industrial park of Baixiang County, Xingtai City.

Office Tel: 18331997691

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