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Hebei Shengbo Pump Industry Co., Ltd

Hebei Shengbo Pump Industry Co., Ltd

Factory Address: Industrial park of Baixiang County, Xingtai City.

Office Address: Industrial park of Baixiang County, Xingtai City.

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Maintenance of Slurry Pump

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The quality factor and safety factor of the slurry pump is particularly important, but the daily maintenance is also very important.


1)       Bearing water pressure, water volume have to meet the requirements, at any time to adjust (or replace) the tightness of the filler, do not cause shaft seal leakage. And replace the sleeve timely.

2)       When replace the bearing, be sure to ensure that the bearing components inside without dust, lubrication oil is clean , during pump running, generally the bearing temperature less than 60- 650C is appropriate, the maximum bearing temperature does not exceed 750C.

3)       To ensure that the motor and pump coaxial, to ensure that the elastic pad in coupling is complete and correct, it should be replaced timely after damage.

4)       Ensure that pump components and piping systems are installed correctly, securely and reliably.

5)       Part of the slurry pump parts are vulnerable parts,  pay attention to the loss of wearing parts in daily use, keep its maintenance or replacement in time. During the process of  maintenance or replacement of wearing parts, ensure that the assembly is correct, the gap adjustment is reasonable, to avoid the emergence of tight friction phenomenon.

6)       slurry pump suction piping system must be no leakage, at the same time, we should pay attention to whether the suction mouth was blocked or not in the operation. The medium treated by slurry pump usually has solid particles, the filter placed in front of the slurry pump must control the size solid particles which can ensure pass through the slurry pump, reduce the possibility of the large particles or long fiber material go into the pump and cause congestion.


When Slurry pump start to work, the pump needs to be mounted on the land, the water pipe was putted in the water, also need to irrigation pump before commencement.

due to structural constraints for mud pump and Submersible Slurry Pump, the motor need to be placed on the water above, and put the pump into the water, it must be fixed, otherwise, if the motor fall into the water, then cause the motor to be scrapped. And because the length of the long axis is generally fixed, the pump installation has more trouble, the application of the occasion has a lot of restrictions.


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Hebei Shengbo Pump Industry Co., Ltd

Office Address: Industrial park of Baixiang County, Xingtai City.

Office Tel: 18331997691

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